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Parody: Fair Use or Copyright Infringement?

Length: 40 min

This is an on-demand recording of VLA’s Webinar: Parody: Fair Use or Copyright Infringement? held on March 31, 2022. When you purchase this program, you will receive a downloadable slide deck to follow along with the presentation. Please use the form at the bottom to access this presentation.

About this program:

Copyright protection shouldn’t take the fun out of poking fun. The fair use defense in copyright law allows for limited use of copyrighted works for parodies without such use amounting to infringement. The fair use defense is not a free pass, however, and it is not always clear whether a parody is considered fair use or infringing on the original work. In this talk, we will discuss how the fair use defense is used to defend parodies against copyright infringement claims.

Instructors: VLA Legal Externs


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