Legal Issues in Photography

Length: 1 hr

This is an on-demand recording of VLA’s Legal Issues in Photography workshop held on February 18, 2021. When you purchase this item, you’ll have a copy of the slides to download and follow along with the presentation.


About this Workshop

You can’t afford to ignore the legal issues in photography!

This workshop will provide an overview of the types of legal issues encountered by photographers including contracts, copyright protection and enforcement, the right of privacy, and the use of social media platforms. We will also discuss major considerations that photographers face when hired for a project, and provide helpful tips on preemptive steps photographers can take in protecting their works and enforcing their rights.

In addition to photographers – visual artists, artistic directors, photo editors, photo agencies, and photo studios will also benefit from attending this course.

Instructor: Tatsuya Adachi, Esq., Senior Associate at Leichtman Law PLLC
This program will be taught by VLA Associate Board Member Tatsuya Adachi, Esq. A Senior Associate at Leichtman Law PLLC, Tatsuya handles cases involving copyright, trademark, unfair competition, patent, trade secret, breach of contract, and business torts.  He also handles IP licensing and transactional entertainment matters. Tatsuya is a former singer himself, and he has a unique understanding of the motivations and creative and business goals of artists and creators of all disciplines. His goal is to help these individuals execute their dream projects and protect their intellectual property rights.

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