VLA plays an important role in educating artists, professionals within arts and cultural institutions, attorneys, students, and the general public about legal and business issues that affect artistic and creative endeavors.

Each year, we reach more than 5,000 people through more than 150 courses and offerings, including the following:

  • In-house workshops
  • Speaking engagements in the five boroughs and around the state.
  • Appearances at national conferences
  • Online classes and talks
  • Our in-office resource library
  • Teaching engagements at local colleges and law schools
  • Partnership with international organizations similar to VLA
  • Art, music and film festivals

Receive CLE credit for pro bono work

VLA has been approved to provide CLE credit to attorneys who provide pro bono legal services through VLA. Eligible pro bono activity is limited to legal services performed within New York State to clients unable to afford counsel and is not available to attorneys volunteering at the clinic or on the Art Law Line. CLE credit is not available to volunteer attorneys assisting to incorporate and seek tax-exempt status for arts and cultural organizations. Newly admitted New York attorneys may earn pro bono CLE credit solely for the purpose of carrying over pro bono CLE credit to the following biennial reporting cycle in partial fulfillment of the requirement for experienced attorneys.

Credit for pro bono legal services shall be awarded in the following ratio: one (1) CLE credit for every 120 minutes of eligible pro bono legal service. A maximum of ten (10) pro bono CLE credits may be earned during any one reporting cycle.

For additional information about this program, or to request a private class, contact Kathryn E. Wagner, Esq., at

CONTACT: +1.212.319.2787, ext.1


February 15, 2017

Nonprofit Incorporation and Tax Exemption Workshop (CLE)

This workshop provides valuable information about starting a nonprofit organization. State issues to be covered include articles of incorporation, bylaws, and the first organization meeting. Federal issues include the Internal […]


February 22, 2017

New Attorney Orientation, Wednesday

To volunteer at our clinics or take a case from our case list, VLA requires that attorneys attend a short orientation. At the orientation, important information about VLA’s programs, requirements […]


February 23, 2017

Legal Issues in Music

This class aims to provide an overview of the legal aspects of the music industry. Topics will include copyright essentials for musicians, a look at music publishing and Performing Rights […]



img-applyWe offer a wide variety of discipline-specific and general educational programs, both at our office and on location for law firms and art, cultural and service organizations. VLA is also certified by the New York State Bar Continuing Legal Education Board as an accredited provider of Continuing Legal Education courses and programs. These CLE classes can also be taught at our office or your location. We can also customize courses, including CLE classes and private classes, upon request.

To arrange private or open training for your constituents, members, or employees, please contact Executive Director Kathryn E. Wagner, Esq., by email:

CONTACT: +1.212.319.2787, ext.1

Career Counseling

In response to frequent requests by college students, law students, and attorneys for advice about careers in arts and entertainment, we offer private career counseling for members. In the third year of this program, we advised more than two dozen individuals about their options in exploring and reaching desired career goals.



Financial aid is available for those qualified. Please note that your application does not guarantee a full or partial scholarship. Some classes are exempt.

To apply for a full or partial scholarship for one of our classes, applicants must provide VLA with a letter explaining which financial bracket they fall under (see below) and which class and date they would like to register via e-mail or mail to:

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
Attn: Kathryn E. Wagner, Esq.
1 East 53rd Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Fax: 212.752.6575.

VLA generally applies the following guidelines:

Unemployed (no income): 75% scholarship
Income up to $35,000: 50% scholarship
Income $35,000 to $50,000: 25% scholarship
Income over $50,000: No Discount