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On-Demand Recording: Contracts and the Coronavirus

This is an on-demand recording of VLA’s Webinar: Contracts and the Coronavirus held on April 21, 2020. Slides and materials are available with the video presentation.


COVID-19 has interrupted business as usual. This webinar will focus on the elements of drafting a strong contract and the options parties may have if they cannot perform contractual obligations due to the pandemic.


Elissa Hecker, Law Office of Elissa D. Hecker

A long-standing New York Super Lawyer, as well as Top Attorney – New York Metro Area’s Outstanding Lawyer, practicing in the entertainment and business fields, Elissa has a wide range of experience in corporate, copyright, and trademark law, with clients that/who encompass a large spectrum of the business and entertainment world.

Since its inception, Elissa has been Chair of the Board of Directors of Dance/NYC. She is also Past Chair of the Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law (EASL) Section of the New York State Bar Association, Editor of the EASL Journal and Blog, and Co-Chair and founder of the EASL Pro Bono Committee. Elissa is also a frequent author, lecturer, and panelist, a past Trustee of the Copyright Society of the U.S.A. (CSUSA), and Associate Editor and member of the Board of Editors for The Journal of the CSUSA.