Joseph C. Tedeschi, Esq.


Joseph Tedeschi is General Counsel of Global Cards at Citi and the Legal Head for Citi’s Mergers and Acquisitions team where he has oversight for all proprietary transactions globally. Additionally, he is the General Counsel and a member of the Executive Committee of Citi Holdings (the business unit within Citi that manages non-core assets and assets that are positioned for sale or resolution).

Joseph has been involved in a number of large-scale projects and transactions in over 20 countries, including the restructuring and sale of EMI Music, the IPO of Primerica Inc., as well as the government-led transactions and restructuring of Citi during the most recent financial crisis.

Prior to joining Citi in 2007, Joseph had an extensive in-house legal career principally in the fields of media and publishing for companies such as Dow Jones and Primedia Inc.

Additionally, Joseph took some time off from the practice of law to pursue his passion for independent and documentary film. He worked for companies such as Lot 47 Films to acquire and distribute critically acclaimed independent films, as well as worked as an independent producer and legal representative to a number of independent filmmakers.

Joseph graduated from Harvard magna cum laude with a B.A. in History and Literature and earned his J.D. at the University of Virginia School of Law. Between college and law school Joseph was a teacher of English Literature in the UK pursuant to one of Harvard’s teaching fellowship programs.