Fashion Law:
The Experts, Their Book, The Series

Now offered as invididual classes!

VLA is very proud to announce it is now offering a new opportunity for fashion professionals and lawyers to register for individual classes of the Fashion Law series. If you're interested in particular areas of the law or fashion industry, this is your chance!

Topics include branding, anti-counterfeiting, and internet piracy; business and employment law; international law, trade, and customs; marketing, PR,
and advertising; and real estate.  Each class offers 2.5 CLE credits appropriate for both transitional and non-transitional attorneys. CLE credit breakdown varies by course but includes Areas of Professional Practice, Skills, and Ethics.

For fee information, please see below.  For additional information, please contact Diana Siozios at or, to register, please click here!

Fashion Law:
The Experts, Their Book, The Series

VLA is proud to announce the first-ever course based on the book, Fashion Law: A Guide for Designers, Fashion Executives and Attorneys published in 2010. This first comprehensive book on the topic was developed by Guillermo Jimenez and Barbara Kolsun, pioneers of the field as well as academic experts and practitioners, who wrote the book along with a team of highly experienced attorneys and legal experts. This original and comprehensive course will bring you face-to face with these authors and experts and is specifically designed for attorneys and law students interested in Fashion Law, the Fashion Industry and the representation of designers and fashion companies of all sizes. The course will provide in-depth consideration of the legal issues and common business arrangements found in the fashion industry as well as cover recent and ongoing developments in this fast-changing field.

Finally, students will be able to participate in counseling and representation of fashion companies and designers through VLA's Legal Services Program which includes volunteering at clinics, representing individual clients on a pro bono basis and mediating fashion related disputes through MediateArt, VLA's alternative dispute and negotiation counseling service.

Program Dates
I. Tuesday, October 2, 2012
II. Tuesday, October 9, 2012
III. Tuesday, October 16, 2012
IV. Tuesday, October 23, 2012
V. Tuesday, October 30, 2012
VI. Thursday, November 8, 2012
VII. Tuesday, November 13, 2012
VIII. Tuesday, November 20, 2012

See full schedule with descriptions here!

Shearman & Sterling LLP, 2nd Floor • Map it!
‪599 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY‬

Class time is 5 - 7:30pm

*For CLE of individual classes, please see full schedule here!
*20 CLE credits: 12 Professional Practice, 7 Skills and 1 Ethics (Approved for Non-Transitional and Transitional Attorneys) for full course.

Fees (per class):
$525 - Non-Member Attorneys, LLM Candidates and Other Professionals
$475 - VLA Attorney Members
$425 - YAM Members, VLA All You Can Learn Pass holders and Law Students
$375 - VLA's 2011 Fashion Law for Lawyers Attendees

Fashion Law

To apply for a full or partial CLE scholarship, please view our Financial Aid Policy Guidelines here.

For more information, please call Diana Siozios at 212.319.2787 x16, or e-mail her at


The Book 

Special price of $75 + tax

This course is based on the book Fashion Law: A Guide for Designers, Fashion Executives and Attorneys. The book is included in the full course as reading material. If you're registering for individual classes, the book is available for purchase at VLA offices or the day of the class, at a special price of $75 + tax each.

To order the book, please fill out registration form and include code"BOOK2012" to get the special price.

The Experts, Their Book, The Series
“VLA is proud to announce the first-ever course based on the book, Fashion Law: A Guide for Designers, Fashion Executives and Attorneys.”

Fashion Law: A Guide for Designers, Fashion Executives, and Attorneys
edited by Guillermo C. Jimenez and Barbara Kolsun.